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5 Monetary Benefits That Compel You To Buy Agricultural Land

buy agricultural land and get more benefits

Monetary benefits will surely encourage you to buy agricultural land. Agriculture is vast but if you know how it works, then you can make a huge amount of money in a short period of time.

Even if you are leasing your land to a farmer, you should be aware of what he is doing. To improve efficiency, you have to give inputs to him. For that, you should definitely know farming techniques. Organic agriculture is proven to be successful.

The tax benefits you get from agriculture are attractive and beneficial. Land leasing, financing and flipping are some of the best practices you can follow and be successful.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the key monetary benefits of buying agriculture land.

1. You can do Farming and Earn money

do farming and earn money buy agricultural land

There is a reason why this point is at the top. The best way to make money from agriculture property is to do Agriculture. You have to cultivate, process, and export.

Is it possible to do farming without sufficient knowledge?

This is the first question that pops up when I said “Do Agriculture”. Agriculture is not easy and quick. It takes time. You have to learn the basics and techniques of farming and implement it properly.

You can’t do farming just because you have organic agriculture land and money to run the business. Learn, Implement, Excel. That’s the key for running agriculture as a successful business

2. Tax benefits of Buying Agricultural Land

Tax benefits gained from buying and selling agricultural land is enormous. Let’s say you buy agricultural land in Telangana at X price. This won’t be considered as a capital asset. So that means, you need not pay income tax for any revenue you generate from that piece of land.

You need to meet the clause in Section 54B in order to get tax exemption from Capital Gains. In rural areas, you need not pay capital gains tax for agricultural land. But in urban areas, you need to pay tax ranging from 20-30%.

You can also get a waiver for crops, subsidies, loans, and more benefits from agriculture. Agriculture land laws vary from state to state. So you need to understand the laws and how it works in your state.

For example, you need not be a farmer to buy agriculture land in Telangana. On the contrary, you have to be a farmer in Karnataka to own agricultural land.

3. Sale of Agricultural land at a higher price

Sale of Agricultural land at a higher price

Buy agricultural land at a low price and sell it at a higher price. Sounds easy, right? Actually, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to analyse a property before buying it. If you buy land at a low price with good development potential, then all you need to do is wait.

Wait for the right time and demand. You get the opportunity to fix the price as you wish. That’s the magic of buying a good agricultural property.

What do I mean by good agricultural property?

  • Located in a place which is transport-friendly and climate-friendly.
  • The land should have good development potential.
  • The land should be free of legal issues.
  • Water, this is the most important thing in agriculture. An abundant water source should be available near the land.

4. Financing for Agricultural Land

Assurance is the key to investment. That’s what you get when you lend money to someone who is going to buy agriculture land. Let’s say you are going to give X amount of money to Ranveer. He is going to buy agriculture land using that money.

Things you get in return:

  1. You get interest for the money lent on a monthly basis.
  2. There is no way you are going to lose money. Even if he doesn’t pay the EMI properly, you can seize the land and make it yours.

Interest and Guarantee, what else do you need?

Also, there is another way you can earn money. To run the agriculture business, farmers and landowners need capital. You can lend money to them and get interest on a monthly basis.

5. Agricultural Land Leasing

Agricultural Land Leasing

Leasing of agriculture land works as per state laws. In some states, you can lease your farmland but you can’t lease in other states. Instead of you doing all the farming activities, you can lease your land to someone who is an expert in farming.

The agreement depends on the owner, lessee and state laws. Some owners prefer profit-sharing, some prefer to rent and it completely depends on the mutual agreement.


If you have a basic knowledge of farming, it will be really helpful to run agriculture as a business. Also, be aware of laws pertaining to agriculture land, leasing, etc. Tax benefits are extremely important because they reduce your financial burden to a great extent.

If you are struggling to proceed further, I would suggest you consult agencies who have vast experience in agriculture. They can guide you and make you successful.

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5 Quick Tips to Buy Cheap Agriculture Land for Sale

Quick Tips to Buy Agricultural Land for Sale

Are you tired of a 9 to 5 job that really sucks? Actually, it’s not a 9 to 5 job, people work till 10 pm. My god, that’s not acceptable no matter how much you get paid. 

Buying cheap agriculture land for sale will solve all your problems.

I really appreciate you for considering agriculture as your secondary source of income. 

Wait a minute! You are actually wrong.

It shouldn’t be your secondary source. Agriculture should be your primary source of income because it’s reliable and lucrative. Not like the one you are doing now. 

When you hear the word “Cheap”, two thoughts will popup.

  1. It is of cheap quality and you don’t buy it.
  2. You buy the land because it is inexpensive. 

Either way, you are going to lose money. I am serious. If you buy cheap agriculture land, then you should be ready to compromise on a few things. 

As you are a novice, you don’t have any idea about where you should compromise and where you shouldn’t. 

Don’t worry. I am gonna reveal those secrets behind buying a cheap agriculture land and making money out of it.

Buy a Cheap agriculture land for Sale close to Urban Growth Boundary

Choosing an agriculture land by just looking at the price will help you in losing your savings. It’s true. 

Always choose the land which is near urban areas, especially close to the urban growth boundary. Urban growth boundary is nothing but a line that separates urban areas and rural areas. 

Let’s say you buy a land in the outskirts of Hyderabad. If that land is close to the urban growth boundary, then there is a higher chance that the government will expand the boundary as a part of their urban development plan. 

Automatically, your land value will increase. That’s good news. 

If government plans for infrastructure projects in future near your land, then its a jackpot. Investors will knock on your door every day with a bagful of money.

Keep Complete Land History in your Hand

If you buy a cheap agriculture land for sale that has legal issues, you should forget the money that you have invested. 

For acquiring or transferring an agriculture land, you must be well aware of all the laws pertaining to that land. This helps you to understand the legal history of that agriculture land. 

In many states of India, you must be a farmer to buy agriculture land. This law is not applicable in all states. 

Apart from legal, you must know who owned that land in the first place, how owners changed over time. 

Actionable tip: It takes a minimum of 1 year to understand these laws and know the land better. 


  • Hire an agriculture real estate agent who knows a to z about agriculture land acquisition.
  • That agent would definitely have contacts with law specialists who will take of the law part.

Choose between Resale and Cultivation

Urban Investors make huge money from the resale of agriculture land. 

Ever wondered how they do that?

They follow a magic trick that has 2 parts:

  • Buying an agriculture land at cheap price. 
  • Waiting for the right time and sell it at a higher price. 

If you have read this blog completely, then you can easily buy an agriculture land at cheap price. 

Waiting for the right time to sell and getting healthy returns is not an easy task. Your hard work and smart work should dance in tandem to get it done. 

Cultivation is another way of earning money from your agriculture land. If I were you, I would rent your farmland to someone who knows to do farming. By this way, you will have a steady income every month. 

Keep this in mind:

When you don’t know something, but still you have to do it, then leave it to the experts.

Clear Idea about the Location of the Agriculture Land

Will you buy a house in a place which is affected by adverse weather conditions often?

No. Right? 

Agriculture land is equally important like your house. Treat it that way, that’s what helps you to make better decisions. 

  • Buying farmland which doesn’t have enough water resource for farming.
  • Extreme weather conditions like torrential raining, drought and strong winds might affect your land value. 
  • Accessibility matters. If the agriculture land is remote and difficult transportation will not help you in any way. No one will buy your land.

Buying Cheap Agriculture land for Sale from Trustworthy Online Websites

Do you know why people prefer buying houses instead of plots?

It’s easy to buy a house which already has all the modern amenities. 

Apply the same principle here. 

Instead of worrying about legal complexities and resale value, what if you buy an agricultural land that is tailor-made for your needs. 

You heard it right. 

Just like you find a fully furnished house with modern amenities, there are trustworthy realtors who will help you buy cheap agriculture lands that are readily available for sale. 

The only question you should ask yourself before hiring their service:

Can I trust them?

If the answer is No, then do some groundwork and find the best agent who is reliable and specialist in this business. 

Don’t worry. I will help you with that. 

From 20 years of experience in agriculture real estate, one important thing that I have learnt. I am gonna share that secret with you. 

Buy agriculture land through online. They offer farmlands that are free from legal issues and ownership complexities. You can get your desired land at cheap price.

To buy cheap agriculture land from a trustworthy firm, you can check the land readily available for you. 

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