Mahbubnagar/addakal /1532 Telangana

Property type: Agricultural Land
Area (Acre)


District: Mahabubnagar

Mandal: Addakal

Village: Rachala

The positive aspects
1. It has vaagu on west side
2. It has canal on east side. 3. Very near to village. So that the labour is available easily.
4. Full bore water due to the two canals in east and west.
5. 100 acres of Malabar neem already planted.
6. 10 acres of paddy field
7. Which got 300 bags of paddy
8. As the bore water is full we can grow Paddy
9.7 kilometres of drip main lines.
10. 100 acres Malabar neem fully equipped with drip.
11. Internal roads are there.
12. Full current connections and power supply are available.
13. Bores are there.
14. Four rooms as shed for workers
15. One godown including cow shed
16. One room for owners is there.
17. Single phase transformer available with 24hours current facilities,with 8 domestic house hold connections.
18. Good neighborhood. All the farmers are helpful.
19. Fully fenced with mesh and three supported barbed wires
20. Those who are interested in sheep farming can leave 500 small sheep as full grass is available. The yearly income on sheep will double in one year. This is minimum.

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